Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Humpday Hollah: It's A Hard Knock Life!

At the movies the other day I caught the trailer for the upcoming "Annie" remake.  It's a fresh and unique take on the classic story of a spunky, inspirational orphan who brings hope to a struggling country.  This time around it stars Hugh Jackman in the title role and trades the classic mop of red curls for metal claws.  On second thought, that might have been the preview of "X-Men: Days of Future Past"...  Well, regardless, it got me thinking of the words to one of the musical's most famous songs: "It's A Hard Knock Life!"

"Leapin' Lizards, bub..."
"Don't it feel like the wind is always howlin'?
Don't it seem like there's never any light?
Once a day don't ya wanna' throw the towel in?
It's easier than puttin' up the fight!"
Let's be honest, I wasn't a full-time student at the "School of Hard Knocks." I have to admit an abused orphan who is scammed by violent criminals during the Great Depression has it slightly harder and knockier than I do.  She's probably Valedictorian.  You win, Annie... er... sort of...  Still, I think we've all taken at least a class or two at something like the "Regional Institution of Solid Thumps" and, we can agree, at that school, somedays Life wins.  And, man, Life can be a pretty sore winner!  Sometimes life hands you some pretty harsh realities and you find yourself retreating to the warm embrace of the bed, frantically trying to turn your sheets into a white flag.  "The SUCK will come back... Tomorrow!  Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow... They'll be SUCK!" 

We all have days like that.  Heck, some of us have years like that!  No matter who you are, life has hard-knocked you down a peg or two and made you hide under your covers.  Some of us are probably still tucked away pretending to live life.  For a while we can even fool ourselves into believing the idea that we don't have to actually get out of bed at all and life will continue on.  We think we can phone it in and do it by satellite from the safe, remote location in the People's Republic of But-I-don't-wanna-stan.  And you know what?  We're kind of right.  Life will go on... but it'll go on without us.

"It was a run by fruiting!"
Hey, I know you've heard it before, but it bears repeating:  Life throws lemons.  We know it's true.  But the funny thing is that sometimes you think it only throws lemons at you!  From the outside it seems that everyone else is living lovely lemonless lives, but if you take a moment and really look around: are you the only one getting pelted by fruit?  I bet my bottom dollar on a resounding nope.  Maybe your best friend got pelted with pineapples when they got laid off last month, or your coworker got clobbered with kumquats when they had some medical troubles.  Or maybe you were just trying to enjoy some fun in the sun when a man dressed as an old woman lobbed a lime at the back of your head!

As a kid, my days were filled with ballet slippers, not boxing gloves, and I was way more into watching Russians like Mikhail Baryshnikov battle mice in "The Nutcracker" (swoon), not Russians like Ivan Drago battle Balboa in "Rocky IV"...  Today though, this quote from The Italian Stallion's sixth film hangs above my desk for inspiration:
"Buh-nuh-NAH!!! Buh-NUH-naaaahhhhh....."
I'll give you a moment to blow your nose.  Good?  He goes on to say:  "Now if you know your worth, then go out and get what you're worth."  Yeah, I know, I know... Sure you can say, "That's great for Rocky, but it's also just a movie!" and you aren't wrong.  But the iconic film "Rocky" that launched Stallone's career was only made after he got fed up with his own lemons, wrote the script himself, and refused to settle until someone let him play the title role.  And that, my friends, is what I call "Making Lemonade."

Lastly, the best part of all of this, is You Are Not Alone!  My friend Serina is like Rocky and Annie all rolled into one.  She's had her unfair share of hard knocks, but she keeps coming out a champion!  How she kept doing it?  I didn't know, but I did know I wanted that!  I wanted her drive and success.  I wanted change.  I needed change.  And it might sound clichéd, but with AdvoCare, I got that change.  Real change.  Not something that comes easy, no, but something I literally work for.  Not only have I gotten back on track with losing some unwanted trunk junk, but I have a refreshed look on life!  I'm also building a business & relationships that focus on health and hard work instead of shortcuts and quick fixes.  Interested?  Check out the upper left corner for more details or click here to message me directly.  If you want to get in on the change, give me a Hollah and you can start making Lemonade too!   

Just to be clear, Advocare is not a Lemonade Stand...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

HumpDay Hollah: "Eye Sight vs. Mind Sight"

Have you ever heard the saying, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right"?

I love this saying.  It's like a cake.  A delicious cake.  With many tiers.  My tears.  The tears of a clown... a big fat clown.  A big fat clown eating cake... Wait... Let me start again....

I love this saying because it perfectly sums up the power of "Positive Thinking".  And as you can see from my first try, it doesn't take much for negative thinking to develop in your head.  When you get down to it, great sayings like that are the fundamentals of the inner dialogue. Sure, technically a monologue is one person talking, but when we're talking to ourselves, doesn't it feel more like a conversation?  I think so!  And whether that conversation is negative or positive, that inner dialogue has the power to create clear skies or foggy forecasts as you move towards any challenge.  And there's no one who loves dark clouds more than...

"Hello, I am your Negative Ninja"
Negativity Ninjas!  They are the killers!  Negativity might as well be the "Jack The Ripper" of dreams and potential.  The goal is set and all is good, but suddenly that fog rolls in and we can't see two feet in front of us...  We start to fear failure, we procrastinate, and we blame others for our circumstances, and then... SURPRISE SURPRISE... a Negativity Ninja comes up from behind and stabs us in the back!  Curse you, Foggy London Town!

I know from personal experience that once those Negativity Ninjas creep into our brains, they can quickly manifest in our personalities and wreak havoc on our lives!  When that happens, pretty soon there seems like there's only one option left:  Grab the Ben & Jerry's, Crack open your finest Box of Wine, & Search Netflix for the next compelling TV Show to ingest in three days.  When you look at it like that, Negativity Ninjas sure sound like a good excuse for giving up, but that's all they are in the end: excuses.  And on top of that, they're not even real!  There are no Negativity Ninjas creeping through Foggy London Town!  In fact, London is almost never foggy!  Seriously.  Look it up.

Still, even if they aren't real, enemies of the mind certainly feel real, don't they?  Well, lucky for me "Inception" was on the other night and it reminded me of something important:  Don't let someone else touch your totem or you won't be able to tell the difference between the dream world and reality.  Good to know.  But this lesson is probably more relevant:
Eye Sight is what we think we see.  
Mind Sight is what we think about what we see. 

"I am Totem-ly confused right now..." 
Given the great difference between a successful outcome and a dismal failure, it's crazy that it all begins with something as similar as eye sight vs. mind sight.  When it comes to Eye Sight, believing only what you hear and see is dangerous because other people's opinions dictate your worth.  It might seem harmless, but who knows what kind of battle they are fighting inside their head?  Mind sight, on the other hand, is the act of analyzing your situation, putting a positive spin on things, and finding constructive ways to change your circumstances.  Like Les Brown said "Other people's opinions of you do not have to become your reality."  So there you have it!  Trust the Mind Sight and don't believe the Lying Eyes... just think of how many times they've told you "Yeah!  You definitely won't regret eating that whole pizza!" or "No!  Jeggings are totally acceptable attire for the workplace..."     

Well, that's all for this week, folks!  But before I go, let me say a huge "THANK YOU!!!" to all of you who signed up for "The 24 Day Pool Prep Challenge!"  Get ready to look good & feel good as we slim down & shape up for Summah 2014!  Woot woot!  What's that?  You didn't sign up for the Challenge in time?  Why not join the AdvoCare craze just for you?  Feel free to hit me up for more info by messaging me or click the link in top left corner of this page for more details!  

Until next week:  Erika Out!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Almost killed a kid.... Accidentally of course, but totally deserved it

Good Day again fellow blogospherists....

So... almost killed a kid today.  Would've been an accident... would've been 100% the babysitter's fault... and yet I am confident I would've been run out of town on a rail...

So before I get into today's workout, I have to vent this particular frustration.... What the hell ever happened to people walking along the sides of the parking lots/rows of cars?  At what point did parents decide that would be a wasted skill to teach their children?  Because I distinctly remember severe scoldings and threatened punishments for walking in the middle of the road.  I distinctly remember being told, not only by parents but also random adults, that it was a stupid course of action.  I completely agree by the way!

Every time I drive through a parking lot or down a street, there is some group of people walking 3 or 4 abreast, taking up a lot more than just the breakdown lane, or what could reasonably be called the side of the row.  It boggles the mind what must be going through their heads at that moment.  Most likely it is nothing, because they don't exactly value their own safety... and decided that it is now everyone else's responsibility to ensure they don't get the crippling vehicular damage they so richly deserve.

You are correct that in the commonwealth the pedestrian has the right of way... and you are correct that your family can sue me for all I'm worth... all $6 and 33 cents of it.  But just to be clear, if I hit you, there is only one thing cooking in my noodle.... The voice over from the original Mortal Kombat... FINISH HIM! 

you'll win the lawsuit, but in the Darwinian sense of things... you lose... and the gene pool is stronger for it.

Side note on all this... baby sitters.... don't use the drive up at Dunks to have a teaching moment on how to ride a plastic bicycle.... The thing gets stuck on every pebble.  Take the 2 kids to a church parking lot, which is guaranteed to be empty middle of the day.  C'mon... be smarter than the machine.

Positives of the day though...

Awesome workout today.  Lots of weights lifted.  Lots of handstands practiced.  Lots of box jumps.  I like to think I wrecked it today.  Feeling good, feeling strong.  I am really feeling like I'll be in some solid beach shape this year. 

Can't wait to sun bath and not be concerned my mass is disrupting gravitational pulls and causing unsafe tidal conditions... I'm a mariner at heart and truly worry about that from time to time.

Rock on with your bad self America!

Random Rant about Local News

Howdy neighbors,

Woke up early this morning and started reading yahoo news.  There is a breaking point within me

when it comes to news.  I try to read yahoo because you only get bigger headlines.  I find that it is important only to read bigger news.  If you read all the news... well you'll want to give up on humanity in one sitting.  let me explain...

I stopped dealing with local news because it is just plain boring.  Guess what someone in New Bedford, Brockton, Roxbury, Dorchester, or Lowell area was assaulted... no kidding.  There was a fire in one of these run down towns.  Some local student is suing the school for something that everyone has had happen to them in their life, but somehow this kid feels he/she will never be the same.

It is nonsense and to be completely honest, it makes me think less of the community around me.  I am very proud to be from Massachusetts.  I love Boston and our sports scene, bars, and people in general.  Additionally everyone has a sense of heritage and pride in where they come from.  When I see the local news, they always find the dumbest person with an accent that is almost cartoonish, to just rant about how perplexed and baffled they are that something happened.  Hell... 9 out of 10 times the person is explaining how they "didn't know what was going on.  then I came outside and saw "cruis-ahs"... and I figured something was wrong."

The people always say, "he is a good kid, but he just did some horrible things." or something to that effect.  I cannot stand that phrase anymore, "he is a good kid".  We should as a society stop qualifying every person that screws up as being at one point a good kid.  Hey... you killed someone drunk driving... not a good kid.  You cracked someone in the head with a weapon.... not a good kid. The list goes on.  I think being a good kid is like virginity.  Sure you meet the qualifications right up until you do something that is.... tadaa... "not good"....  at which point you shift from being good to bad.... 

It's not like people every say... "He's a bad kid, he just did a good thing". 

So on that note... end of rant... I'm not reading anymore news this morning.  Time to calm down... tally ho and carry on.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekly Breakfast Review - Crossroads Cafe

Hey Again,

Some or all of you may know my strong feelings about breakfast... For anyone late to the party I'll make it really simple.

Breakfast is the king of all meals.  Nothing ever beats bacon... which is clearly indicated by the fact that anytime people try to make something better, they add bacon.  Can I have a burger?  Sure, you want cheese and bacon?  Have a date... do you have any Bacon wrapped dates?

All I am saying is that bacon, cheese, bread, and eggs... anyway you do them... hard pressed to be wrong.  Bottom line is that me and the Surgeon General have been trying the areas breakfast locations and I figure it is only right for me to share the knowledge I have gathered.


1) Quality of eggs, cheese, and meat (bacon, ham, sausage)
2) Quality of potato (hash brown, etc)
3) Comfortability & décor of dining area
4) Service (speed, friendliness, attentiveness)
5) Overall experience (crowd, intangibles)

Each parameter is judged on strips of bacon.  1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full strip for each parameter. 

Crossroads Café - 4 & 1/4 Strips of Bacon

Food tried - Big Breakfast sandwich, hash brown, pancake

1)  Great egg, bacon, cheese combo.  All solidly cooked. Just a little crispy.  Great combined taste.  Awarded - 1 FULL STRIP

2) Hash browns - not great... super seasoned.  tasted somewhat like they used "Old bay".  I didn't mind it because I like a lot of salt and seasoning, but I would imagine most people would find these a little off putting.  Too bad to see a good place lose so much ground over something so trivial.  Awarded - 1/4 STRIP.

3) Plenty of space for everyone to eat.  Great decorations.  A little heavy on the pictures of roosters, but not so much that I found it odd.  Good space, very homey.  Awarded (1 FULL STRIP)

4) Service was great.  Our girl was effective and very nice.  Additionally they have other girls walking around happy to answer anything or get extra water, etc.  top notch service.  Awarded - 1 FULL STRIP.

5) Overall experience very good.  Crowd was seemingly made up of good people.  No hooligans or weirdo's to speak of.  this one is easy to get the full strip, as long as your restaurant isn't giving me the heeby jeebies... awarded 1 FULL STRIP.

MAYTRITION continues - weekend recap

Hello everybody,

Technical complications continue to stress the team here at DooleyNoted... and by team I mean me.  For some reason the computer is having difficulty booting, staying on... and generally doing the

things that computers do. 

So circling back around to Friday... it was a crazy weekend.  On Friday I came up with a brilliant plan to get all my "benchmark" workouts in, as well as attend the bachelor party for a college friend on Saturday.  Here is how the plan went down...

Part of "Maytrition" is benchmarking strength levels.  I had to do 2 different WODs (work out of the days), that will be re-done at the end of the month to see what progress has been made.  I wasn't able to get over to the Box on Thursday, so on Friday I got in for the morning WOD.  I talked to the coach and he said  I could come in on Sunday and make up the other WOD... only issue with that being I was attending a Bachelor Party/Golf outing on Saturday.  Truthfully we all knew there would be an unfortunate hang over.

I decided to "man-up" and do both WODS on Friday.  9 am WOD as per schedule... Came home and did some yard work.  Screw yard work by the way.  I couldn't think of a worse way to spend your time... moving the decaying corpses of leaves around... well that sucks.  But meanwhile back on the ranch... I returned to the Box at 4:30 for stretching, warm up and the make up WOD.

My butt was sufficiently kicked.... so I felt completely comfortable with going out on Saturday and schooling some former classmates in Golf.  Shot a 91 at Pine Hills.  Nothing great, but at the same time not a bad showing.

Back in business on Monday (aka today) and got over to the gym for the morning WOD.  Strength day today, but I felt good to go.  Heavy weights... sore arms... ring dips... it was mayhem in my own town.  Chaos I tell you... Chaos.

Stay tuned for our newest addition to the BLOG... Periodic breakfast place reviews...  stay tuned.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Maytrition - day 1

What's up people...

Been having Trouble with a capital "T" and that rhymes with "V", which falls in the middle of the

word "over" and that is what this failed joke is...

For some reason the old ASUS computer has been acting up like it's 16 and pregnant... I mean not screaming, pierced, and generally a drain on society... but it would not boot up for like a day and a half.  So all in all, just as annoying.

So again, I must loop back to the adventures of Tuesday.  Again the working out process raged on... I hit the Box (Bayshore Crossfit) for a 9 am Wod (Workout of the day).  It was an absolute monster of a wod.  In addition the warm up was a killer with a 500 meter row, and 3 rounds of 10 toes to overhead with a 25 lb plate, 15 yard Overhead walking lunge, and 10 burpees.  As per usual it doesn't sound bad on paper, but it is an *ss kicker of a warm up.

We did some form and strength work on power cleans and jerks.  It was a great workout though that portion of the hour.  Totally had my blood pumping and I felt good. Then came the WOD... 5 rounds of 12 deadlifts, 9 hanging cleans, and 6 push jerks...  you know when you feel your pulse in your eyeballs.. that's how you know you're dying.

I whine about this, but I can tell you the honest truth on this from my POV...  It's great.  I mean in the moment it sucks, but it really validates everything I do for the rest of the day.  Also, once you've rested and hydrated, and stopped cursing... you do feel great.  So despite my bitching and moaning... i'll be back.

Wednesday - yesterday was a much needed rest day.  Usually I'm a little antsy on the rest days because I want to do something, but not this one.   I absolutely needed a pure no stress rest day.  Greatest part about the day....  I accidentally put all but one of my suits in the dry cleaner, not realizing that I had to go to a funeral.  I wouldn't wear jeans to that type of thing, so I dusted off an older suit that hasn't fit right in a while. 

Tadaaaaa..... the suit fit.  Not going to lie, it was a little snug, but not prohibitively so...  This is a huge step forward.  I have not seen a lot of numerical weight loss on the scale, but I have noticed some physique change and I've been feeling great...  This was, however, the first tangible sign that my weight loss goals are coming closer.  I'm am fired up and ready to get back at it today.

Today is May 1st and it kicks off a healthy eating challenge.  I'll be hitting an afternoon class today to get the full run down on the challenge... I am fired up and ready to get at this.  I have a wedding to attend on May 25... so just under 4 weeks...  big push time. 

I'll check back in later.... provided the ASUS cooperates... and update everyone on the challenge.

Stay Thirsty my friends!